What is Strokey.Net? It is a .Net App, that helps you finishing your written words – equal, if your are writing an email, a text document or a computer program. Strokey.Net is independent from the software running in the front of the desktop. Whenever you can make a text input, you can use Strokey.Net to reuse your favorite words.

Best practice – what you should do …

a) watch a demonstration video (click here)
b) downlaod the shareware Strokey.Net (click here) and install it.
c) Ok, benefit from Strokey.Net more and more in your daily work. It growths by using.

d) optionally scan existing files with the integrated importer or download a language resource for Strokey.Net (click here) and use it.


code faster | write word documents faster | write emails faster | use quick abbreviations | define acronyms anywhere | type more efficient at all | for any Editor | csharp | Java | bbj | bbx | html | json | JavaScript | reuse angular-js verbs | scan wsdl, xsd und reuse its content | threat your fingers with care | avoid millions of needless keyboard strokes

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